Lodging in design cabin with breakfast, packed lunch, dinner. Bed sheet and towels. (Free use of kick sled, snowshoes, bicycle, hike/tour equipment for day trip,  etc.) 
All year.


"BIHKA"  design cabin

"HALDE"  design cabin

"REANGA" design cabin


1 pers.NOK 1500,- /pers.
2 pers.NOK 1250,- /pers.
3 pers. or more.NOK 1150,- /pers.


"LATNJA" design cabin

"DANSKAR" design cabin

VERDDE design cabin


1 pers.NOK 1600,- /pers.
2 pers.NOK 1300,- /pers.
3 pers. or more.NOK 1200,- /pers.


"SOARVI" design cabin

RAKTU design cabin

BUVRI design cabin


1 pers.NOK 2000,- /pers.
2 pers.NOK 1500,- /pers.
3 pers. or more.NOK 1330,- /pers.






Sauna, wood heated. (Min total NOK 500,- = 5 pers.)NOK 100,- /pers.
Outdoor hot tub, wood heated.NOK 3000,-
Bed sheets/towelsNOK 150,- /pers.