When we started building Engholm Husky design Lodge in 1985, our approach has been to expand gradually and carefully. “You have to take it slowly, otherwise it can overwhelm you. To keep things small provides our customers, and us, with a quality experience in every respect.

This philosophy and approach is nowhere more evident than in the care and attention that we devotes to the guest accommodation and lodge surroundings. All interior work and furniture’s are made by only Sven in person with locally sourced [and often foraged] materials, wood, stone and leather. Often he find things in summer when out hiking or in the autumn during moose hunting. Often it is far away from any roads. Then he make a mark on the map, and in winter return by dog sled to the spot and collect the treasure. Only the imagination is the limit.  Sven’s life partner Christel, works with leather, and has sewn all of our outdoor leather clothing for the staff and guests and all leather sofa covers and leather cushions in the design cabins. Christel use traditional tanning and sewing techniques.

Engholm Husky team with Christel in front, have a proven passion for serving local and organic food and using our business to make significant contributions to Karasjok Sami community. Processing local reindeer meat, local sheep meat, moose meat, wild salmon- pike- whitefish- cod- king crab- , vegetables and herbs from our own garden. Hunting, fishing and gathering from our surroundings in a sustainable way allows us to serve pure, homemade, healthy hearty meals. No farmed meat or fish at dinner.

Engholm Husky team give unique nature based experiences founded on knowledge and a gentle and sustainable use of the environment and working hard to reduce the environmental footprint. It is important for us to use the environment on it's own terms. We wish to leave as few traces as possible and as far as possible avoid wearing on the environment we enjoy.

We cater for smaller groups. A small group leaves fewer traces and allowing for more interaction between the client and the guide. When sledding a Engholm Husky sled dog team, you only depend upon yourself, and not snowmobiles, ATV, or any other remedies. Our experience is that travelling in this environmentally sensitive manor is the best way to connect and be a part of nature. All equipment is on the dog sleds. Small groups ensures any environmental damage is kept to a minimum and has the opportunity to recover. This also reduces stresses on any wildlife, including keeping your distance from these often shy creatures. We have made sure that these tours comply with sustainable tourism policy. We who live and work at Engholm Husky Lodge are extremely proud and protective of our unique and special surroundings. We know how to look after this fragile environment and ensure that the rare and shy wildlife are not disturbed.