Sven Engholm Swedish born and searched, when he was 20+, for a place to create the constitution for a new life. Away from the cities and all that entails. He was looking at various locations in Scandinavia and Canada for lay the foundation for his new living “Engholm Husky Lodge, tours and expeditions”. It was Northern Norway which had everything he was searching for. Karasjok is perfect, because here is it clean environment, pure nature, a lot of space and far away from everything but still very easy to reach because of nearby airports at Alta, Lakselv and Ivalo in Finland.
He is 11 time winner of Europe's longest sled dog race, the "Finnmarksløpet - 1000 km and top ten finisher in Iditarod - a 1800 km race in Alaska. He is an experienced outdoor guide and has also lead several expeditions to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Siberia. Thanks to his university studies in natural geography, it is a pleasure for him to explain the many geographical and other natural phenomena's while leading a tour.

" The desire to do something meaningful in life brought me to Karasjok. I had a longing within me for untouched nature. Based upon my own feelings for the area - the exotic light, the darkness and the great plateau - I developed a concept which is bearing fruit. I built up to what we have today which has, with the years, become the success I had hoped for when I started 1979. I was first bitten by the husky bug in 1974 when I needed help to pull my tent and other equipment around mountains. I started dog mushing competitively in 1977. ”Once infected with the sled dog mushing virus, there is no cure, there is only trail!”

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