8 days
Suitable for experienced outdoor people looking for some exclusive experiences. Min 2 pers.

Experience the reindeers on their annual spring migration from their winter habitat on the inland to their summer calving and grazing areas on the coast. This adventure is a unique privilege made available for the very few by a Sámi family from Karasjok in Finnmark.
This trip is recommended for adventurous people that would like to do something truly unique, learn new skills and live life to the fullest. Age and gender sets no limits, however you must be in a good physical shape. Much of the time will be spent in the hands of the arctic environment.

The journey starts in the heart land of the Sámi culture and ends further north by the arctic coast, where the reindeers have their summer grazing area and where they give birth to a new generation. You will be taking part in the daily work and learn how the Sámis herd their reindeer herds. Taking part in the migration means you will be travelling with the Sámis, like the Sámis. You will be eating and sleeping like a Sámi herder. Your participation means that you will be living close to the reindeer and experience the old nomadic life of the Sámi people. You will be put to work when necessary leading the herd across the ancient and desolate Finnmark plateau by snow mobile. You will be sleeping by an open fire in a lavvu (Sámi tent) and you will be served traditional Sámi food.

In the middle of April it is light almost 24 hours a day, the snow has started melting and there are some good opportunities for ice fishing on the numerous lakes we pass by.

The program starts day 1 with dinner served at Engholms Husky design Lodge and a briefing about the program.

Day 2 is spent provision of warm arctic clothes, boots and other equipment. Check of the equipment and the preparation of the tour.

We spent 4 days and 3 nights on the Finnmark plateau with the reindeers. We will leave the lodge with snowmobile to link up with the reindeer herd and the herders. We follow the herd on their long migration across the plateau. A fascinating barren and wind swept landscape reaching as far as the eye can see. Here you will have interesting natural experiences together with the Sámis who love to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom of life with their guests. Their fascination for nature and the free life is striking. We will be taking part in the migration for 4 days. The return back to Engholms Husky Lodge in Karasjok is by car. Here you will find a warm shower and we end the journey gathered for a dinner in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

One day at the lodge is to your own disposition for interesting activities. There is always a lot happening on our farm, puppies are learning to socialize. Smaller tours can be ventured upon alone if desired: Snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, tour with our kicksleds or walking. You can book a sled dog tour. A tour to the Sámi museum and the Sámi parliament will give you an insight into Sámi history and the current situation for the Sámi people. Also we would like to recommend the centre for Sámi arts and crafts, Sápmi Culture Park and a visit to the local knife smith.
(We take reservations about change in the order of the days)

Day 8: The program end at breakfast. It's worth considering whether to stay some extra days for interesting activities as lodge guest before and after the program.

Lodging at Engholms Husky Lodge before and after the migration.

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