Lodging in design cabin with breakfast,  packed lunch for take away on tour, (You  make your own lunch packet at breakfast as take away and eat on tour at the campfire or in your cabin), buffet dinner.

Bed sheet and towels.
Free use of kick sled,snowshoes,  bicycle - all kinds of hike/tour equipment for day trip, etc. All year.


A minimum stay of 2 nights is recommended.
For just one night there is a small extra charge.

To book a specific design cabin:
Please, send mail to post@engholm.no


1p NOK  2.200,-

2p NOK 3.600,-

3p NOK 5.000,-

Extra pers. NOK 1.600,-


1p NOK  2.200,-

2p NOK 3.600,-

3p NOK 5.000,-


 1p NOK 3.200,-

2p NOK 4.600,-

3p  NOK 6.000,-

Extra pers. NOK 1.400,-

 Sauna in a smal handmade log cabin.
Wooden heated. Illuminated with only candles. Very very cozy ...
NOK  200,-/pers.
(Min. total NOK 900,-)

Outdoor hot tub.
Wooden heated, illuminated with only candles and fireplace next to it. Clean water without additives such as chlorine or other. We change water and wash cleanly after each bath. (It takes about 8 hours to prepare - 2 hours to fill water from our well and 6 hours to heat with firewood). Exclusive - very very cozy ...

NOK 6000,-)