Visit Engholm Husky farm

1/2 hr guiding / demo. For groups only. (Min. 15 pers.)

Let us share the wonderful enthusiasm of the Alaskan Husky with you. Come to understand the special relationship between musher and dog. See arctic survival gear, sleds and racing equipment. Hear about working with the sled dogs and see dogmushing demonstration. Visit the puppy-yard and linger with the friendly adult racing dogs. It is not required to be a passionate dog-lover to gain respect and admiration for these hard working dogs and their qualities. The guides spend time teaching those new to the sport.
The same dogs can be seen in the super video-show at the North Cape plateau. Here is your chance to personally meet them

Engholm's Husky Design Lodge is a different place, situated next to Karasjohka river, 6 km outside of Karasjok. The designed log houses here at the lodge are unique and have a special charm.

We recommend you to consider to combine your visit with lunch/dinner or just hot/cold drink in Engholm Husky designed diningroom or in the "Barta".

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