Once you have decided to let your adventure dreams come true, please send a request to  and as well fill in tour reg form  so we can reserve a place. You will receive an confirmation and invoice by e-mail.

Your reservation is valid until 7 days after you have received invoice and our confirmation about reserved place. 
Your booking is assured when we have received documentation that the invoice is paid. Documentation from your bank or from you. (It’s fine with screenshot from your net bank that showing completed payment.)

Alternatively deposit minimum NOK 25.000,-/pers. The remaining amount are due 60 days before arrival date. (Please note that full payment will save you bank charges.)
Then after you have booked the airfare tickets, please send info about your travel schedule.

Special agreements apply for tour-operators.

PAYMENT for international payments:  
Adress: Avjovargeaidnu 654 9732 Karasjok Norway
BANK: DNB ASA, Norway. 
Bank Account Number: 7593 0501 344
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NO5875930501344
Swift (BIC address): DNBANOKK

Please instruct your bank to deduct any fees (in your country) in respect of the transfer from your account, not from the amount to be sent. 

Alternatively payment by credit card. You will receive a payment link with specified receipt by e-mail. Extra cost 2.5%


Payment are not refundable, if you have to cancel your trip. It is 100 % cancellation fees after your confirmed booking.  For that reason, we recommend that you effect an insurance for that case. Should participant not wish to (or cannot) take part in parts of the program, no refund is granted.

It is an exception to get the amount back for you who are vaccinated or have been infected and thus can present a corona certificate.
If it has been announced within two weeks before the planned arrival, that the governments will not allow you, with your itinerary, to come here or return home without quarantine due to the corona pandemic (minus NOK 1000, - the banks' transfer costs and administration).

Engholm Husky reserves the right to cancel or change any activity if Engholm Husky consider it to be necessary during extremely bad weather conditions or in any circumstance which is beyond our control - "Force majeure".  Activities can be changed or cancelled up to the time when the activity is supposed to start. Wherever possible any alternative arrangements will be in keeping with spirit of the original itinerary. NB. We guarantee departure on all fix date group tours - no minimum number of participants.


It is the participants' own responsibility to take out travel and accident insurance that cover trip cancellation, baggage, and extended medical insurance. This should include emergency evacuation insurance to cover any and all expenses associated with medical evacuation in the unlikely event such a measure be required. The customer is personally responsible for evaluating his/her physical and/or mental condition in relation to the contents of the relevant activity. Engholm Husky reserves the right to deny any customer's participation in activities if Engholm Husky consider it to be necessary for the safe and/or appropriate execution of the activity. When relevant, all participants must sign a waiver accepting personal responsibility for his/her participation in activities before the activity starts.


The price include all meals start with dinner at 19.00 on first day until breakfast last day in the tour program, (if not otherwise stated in the tour program).  All necessary tour equipment, arctic proof clothing for dog mushing, guide and activities as described in the program. Accommodation in design cabin at the lodge. Supplement cost for single participant if you prefer your own private cabin. Supplement cost for couple, family, group if you want a specified cabin at the lodge. Dormitory accommodation on the mountain cabins.
Look at prices here.


The price does not include personal equipment, look at the equipmentlist. Individual services apart from the group, personal expenses etc. Accident and travel insurance. Transport to/from Engholm Husky Lodge, if not otherwise stated in the tour program.



The customer takes part in Engholm Husky activities:
- Knowing that this might involve risk of personal injuries.
- Accepting that neither Engholm Husky nor any third party acting on behalf of Engholm Husky can be made responsible for any personal injury or damaged equipment sustained during the activity. This also includes transportation to and from the activity.
- Taking full personal responsibility for the consequences of for any known or unknown illnesses or health conditions that can cause any acute onsets/attacks and have not previously suffered from, medical conditions that can be triggered by stress, cold or other exertion consequent on activity or experiences, such as for example dog sledding.
- Accepting that no third parties, hereunder family, can make any claims against Engholm Husky or any person acting on behalf of Engholm Husky on the customers behalf.
- Accepting that Engholm Husky does not hold accidents insurance. The customer therefore know that he/she are not insured by Engholm Husky in the case of any injury or damage to any equipment as a result of any situation he/she have caused or are responsible for.
- Accepting that claims towards Engholm Husky is regulated by Norwegian law and any legal proceedings must be directed to Engholm Husky court of domicile.