Safari to the ice hotel 7 days

7 days
Overnight in the spectacular Ice hotel

The trip are on the fames old trail between Karasjok and Alta. The tour starts from the comforts of Engholm Husky design lodge - in the heart of the Sámi culture and heads north west to Alta on the sea coast. We end the tour at Igloo hotel outside Alta. Everything is made from snow and ice, even down to details such as the glasses in the bar. The hotel is also decorated on the interior and exterior with sculptures.

A reasonable level of fitness, concentration and a sense of balance are the key attributes needed. You will have your "own" sled and responsible for 4 -6 dogs. For participants who have experience with dog sledding, it is common to drive single dog team. With participants without previous experience of dog sledding, we normal start out the first day to driving a tandem team with 2 sleds and 8 - 10 dogs. You share a dog team with a partner or the guide. The guide and participants decide together whether it is best with double or single team. It is very easy to disconnect the sleds from each other so that there will be two single teams. 25-50km per day.

Detail program

Day 1: Program start with dinner at 19.00. Then your guide will give all information regarding the tour.

Day 2: The morning is spent provision of warm outdoor clothes. The day is to your own disposition for interesting activities. There is always a lot happening on our farm, puppies are learning to socialize. Many interesting books from our "Dogmusher library"can be read. Smaller tours can be ventured upon alone if desired: Snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, tour with our kick sleds or walking in the beautiful nature.
You can book a day trip with the sled dogs. Tour with a snow mobile. It is even possible to visit sami family with their reindeer herd on the plateu. Taking part in a reindeer race.
Local handicrafts and shops can be found at the local Sámi village. The National Sámi Museum, guided tour at Norwegian Sami parliament, Sami art gallery, Sápmi theme park and the local knife smith are also worth visiting.

Day 3:We organizing the teams of huskies and learning the basics of caring for your team and driving the sleds. The long sled-tour starts directly from the Lodge. After a steep climb up to the mountain plateau we are mushing over a hilly stretch, crossing lakes, marshes and a stretch of barren land to Gardin mountain cabin.

Day 4: We reach the mountain plateau and tundra, a fascinating landscape where your view is endless. Here the landscape is scanty and windswept. In the evening we will arrive at Mollisjok mountain cabin. It is a "jewel" located right in the middle of nowhere on the plateau.

Day 5: We cross the largest lake of Finnmark "Jiesjavrre". The view is endless at all directions. We spend the night Jotka mountain cabin.

Day 6: We head north west and for the first time we can see the Arctic Ocean and look down at the fjords. In the evening we reach the special Igloo hotel outside Alta, were you spend the last night.The guide (and the dogs with waving tails) say goodbye in the afternoon before their retreat back to Engholm Husky lodge. In the evening, a delicious a la carte dinner is served at the restaurant (extra charge, not included in the tour price).

Day 7: The program end at breakfast.

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