Expidition to the arctic sea 11 days

(heading Stenbukt lodge)

11 days
Suitable for experienced outdoor people who looking for something special

It is special to cross the mountain plateau by dogsled. The coastal weather is very changeable, from bright blue skies with the sun dazzling to horizontal snow blizzards with white all around. The tour starts from the comforts of Engholm Husky design Lodge outside Karasjok - in the heart of the Sámi culture. We heads north, to our remote fishing house "Stenbukt" at the Arctic sea. The nights will be spent in a tent and maybe some night in cabin. The tour provide interesting experiences for outdoor people who looking for something special. We go far off the beaten track, break our own trail, using the freedom that sled dogs give. The mountains' diversity and unpredictable snow conditions make it necessary to require good physical shape from the participants on this tour. The route will be adapted to the given conditions. Look at photos and videos from previous expeditions

Detail program

Day 1: Program start with dinner. The guide will have the first briefing regarding the tour.

Day 2: The day is spent provision of snowsuits, boots and other equipment. Organizing the teams of huskies and learning the basics of caring for your team and driving the sleds. ceck of the equipment and the preparation of the tour. Checking that mushers are matched with their teams of huskies.

Day 3 - 9: With your "own" team of 6 dogs, we set the compass north- west and reach the mountain plateau with the dog teams already the same day - A fascinating landscape, scanty and windswept. Overnight in tent. The route will be adapted to the given conditions. This is the real way to go dog sledding.

The view is endless at all directions and we break our own trail further north-north-west to the valley "Stabbursdalen". By now mushers and the huskies have usually got to know each other’s ways and the safari can cover a lot of ground. We pass the upper end of the "Stabbursdalen National Park".

We go far off the beaten track, break our own trail further north-east using the freedom that sled dogs give. Some great ice fishing can be done in the numerous lakes.

We head north and for the first time On day 8 or 9 (depending of weather and sledding condition), we can see the Arctic Ocean and look down at the fjords. We reach our cosy house "Stenbukt" located in a remote bay right on the sea - no road, - no neighbors.

At Stenbukt, smaller tours can be ventured upon alone if desired: Snow shoeing or walking. Great ice fishing in the lakes nearby. Maybe you just like to relax in front of the fire place.

Day 10: Sled dog trip to the road. Transfer by car back to Engholm Husky Lodge Karasjok. Dinner gathered in the warm atmosphere is waiting for us. We have a cosy wood heated sauna and outdoor hot tub ready on request for those temted! Maybe with northern lights above.

Day 11: The program end at breakfast. It's worth considering whether to stay some extra days for interesting activities as lodge guest before and/or after the tour.