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Engholm Husky Lodge
in Karasjok is "a different place".
This is where we have our base and this is where most of our adventures and activities depart from. At Engholm husky Lodge you will be staying in log cabins designed and built by Mr. Sven Engholm. The unique style of the lodge comes from using only natural materials plus creativity to create the comfortable, relaxed and natural atmospherere. Most cabins are equipped with a wood burner to provide environmentally friendly heating and these add to the cosy and homely atmosphere of each cabin.

The unique design is Engholm Husky Lodgealso found in the lodge kitchen. The small and intimate kitchen is designed to bring people together in a social setting. Here you will meet your trip mates and other lodge guests in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages you to share your stories.

The 40 to 50 highly trained sled dogs at Engholm Husky Lodge are friendly and social dogs. As a lodge guest you are welcome to visit the dog yard to meet these elite athletes and see how they are cared for every day.

Engholm Husky Lodge is our prefered lodging facility. However, we are not limited to Engholm Husky Lodge alone. If you are already staying in another lodging facility or if you do not wish to stay at Engholm Husky Lodge for any reason you are of course still welcome to take part in any of our activities. For tailormade adventures we will help you find the best suitable alternative for you.

Additional days before or after one of Turgleder' or Engholm Husky's programs: From NOK 1.300 (full board and lodge).
SRS: From NOK 250 to NOK 650 per person/night
Wood heated Sauna: NOK 100 per person (minimum NOK 500)
Wood heated, outdoor hot tub: NOK 350 per peson (minimum NOK 2800)

Please contact us for more pricing details.


Things to see and do in Karasjok

Sami Parliament (link to information in english)
You can have a guided visit at the Sámi Parliament Monday to Friday at 1pm (during summer six times a day)

Sami Center for contemporary art  is a center for Sámi visual art and a profiled arena of contemporary expression.

Sami Knifesmith
The Strømeng family's ancestors brought the art of knife making to Karasjok in the 18th century. Since then, this craft has been carried on from generation to generation within the family. Today, knife-maker Strømeng is one of just a few craftsmen who still produce knives for the Sámi people.

Sami Museum
The collection is related to trade, households, religion, duodji/handicrafts and pictorial art, with their origins throughout all of Sápmi (Sámiland).

Sapmi Park
The cultural park with a summer siida (dwelling) and a winter siida, Stálubákti - Mountain of the Spirits is a unique film show, souvenir shop with Sámi silver workshop, Karasjok and Finnmarks first and only glassblower and Duodji, Sami handicrafts.

Graveniid, wollen clothing made in Karasjok
Abanti, Sámi designer
Muzet Shop, Sámi handcraft


The village of Karasjok is situated next to the river Karasjoka in the Karasjok Valley on the Finnmark Plateau. Karasjok is inland and is protected from the ocean winds and weather by the mountains along the coast. This gives inland Finnmark a typical continental climate with relatively stable weather during summer and winter and more changeable weather during spring and autumn.
The winters (November to April) are normally cold and relatively dry. The summers (June to August) are normally cool and dry. There is an average of 71 days with minimum temperature below -20 °C and 21 days with maximum temperature above 20 °C per year. The average temperature for the year in Karasjok is -2.1 °C and the average annual precipitation is 366 mm.
In recent years the effects of climate change have become more and more visible in the Arctic north. As a result we are experiencing greater variations in the weather than before and larger deviations from standard weather.

The Polar Night in Karasjok is from November 28 to January 14. During this period the sun does not rise above the horizon and there are only a couple of hours of twilight. The low sun creates a blue light that is reflected in the white snow and wraps the landscape in a million shades of blue and white.
For a photographer these few hours of "daylight" can give some exciting, unique and new possibilities for photo composition and atmosphere.

From May 19 to July 23 we have what is called Midnight Sun in Karasjok. This means that the sun never sets and you can see the sun all day long. During this period it never gets dark and this is when the Arctic nature explodes into a cascade of life.

Weather forecast for Karasjok

 If you are considering when to come to Karasjok, here are some tips:

November to January:
The tranquillity of the Polar Night gives a unique and distinctive atmosphere. Nature is "sleeping". Everyone and everything is doing only what is needed to survive the cold period. The magical Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can often be seen dancing in the sky. The weather is normally cold (often below -20°C, clear and stable. Mean temperature: -12.3°C. Link to the current Aurora Borealis activity.


January and February
Towards the end of January the days gradually become longer as the sun starts to reappear. The only people one meets on the mountain plateau at this time are Sámi reindeer herders. This is the coldest time of the year and temperatures can in some places drop as low as -40°C or colder. The weather is normally cold, clear and stable. Mean temperature: -16°C.


March to April
The weather starts getting milder as the days become longer and brighter. This is a good time for ice-fishing in the many lakes found in this region. This is also the best time for multiple day skiing trips. Mean temperature: -6.4°C.


Warm days, cold nights, 24 hours of daylight and Midnight Sun from the second half of the month. The snow is just starting to melt and it is the best time for ice-fishing. Skiing is still good in the mountains but in the lowlands the snow is getting slushier and is difficult to ski in. The reindeer herders start to migrate with their herds towards the coast in late April or early May. Late in May, nature is "waking up" and you can literally feel the energy returning to the land. Mean temperature: +4 °C.


June and July
In the end of June the trees are bursting into their foliage and the mosquitoes become active. While lake fishing kicks off in June, July is the salmon fisher's prime time. From July the river levels are down again after the spring floods and the canoe season starts. Mean temperature: 11.9°C.


August and September
Nature is at its most generous and it is the time for humans and animals to harvest the riches produced by nature through a light summer. Berries and mushrooms are ready to be picked and this is when the hunting season starts. Nights can become cold as early as mid August and very importantly the mosquitoes are gone! In September the Finnmark plateau wraps itself in bright yellow, red and brown autumn colours. Darker nights allow you to begin seeing the magical Northern Lights. This is the best time for hiking holidays. Mean temperature: +5 to +10°C.

This is autumn, in between summer and winter, and the weather can be quite unstable. You can experience beautiful warm and sunny days and ice cold snowy days within the same week. Fishing can still be very good and for the adventurous traveller, hiking can still be an absolutely beautiful experience. Mean temperature: -1.3°C.


The right clothing and equipment can make the difference between a good and a bad experience. In the Arctic you should be prepared for any kind of weather at any time of the year. Bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes. We recommend wearing 100% wool or similar quality clothing next to your skin. Layer your clothing, so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding a layer. Several thin layers are better than a few thick layers. Outer clothing should be windproof and waterproof.

To help you make your Arctic adventure holiday as comfortable as possible we recommend that you bring the following minimum basic clothing:
- 1 set of warm underwear (longjons and top with full length arms). Preferably wool or woolen terryKlesguide-1
- 1 Jumper or shirt
- 1 thick wool sweater or fleece jacket
- 2 pairs of thick wool socks
- 1 pair of thin gloves
- 1 Wind and water proof jacket
- 1 Wind and water proof pants

If wool iritates your skin, a thin syntetic base layer underneath the wool thermal layer will probably help.

The Arctic outdoors is facinating and full of adventure opportunities. In order to be best prepared to enjoy the Arctic environment we recommend that you bring the additional clothing and equipment (in addition to the general clothing listed above):

Additional summer clothing:Additional winter clothing:
- 2 t-shirts- 1 set of warm underwear (longjons and top with full length arms). Preferably wool or woolen terry
- 1 pair of shorts- 1 pair of thick warm mittens (NOT gloves)
- 1 light hat or cap- 1 thick warm hat
- Waterproof hiking boots- 1 thick warm jacket
 - Warm winter boots
---Other equipment---- Gaiters/leggings
- Drinking botle- Scarf or balaclava
- Mosquito repellent 
- Sunscrean (10-25)---Other equipment---
 - Thermos flask
 - Headlamp
 - Sunscrean (30-50)


When you book a Turgleder adventure you will receive a specified list of required clothes and equipment and equipment and clothing that can be provided by Turgleder.

Finnmark County is scarcely populated and has a rough climate, so travelling in Finnmark can be an adventure in itself. But still, your Arctic adventure in Karasjok is only a one-day journey away if you fly here, regardless of where you are travelling from in Europe. There are four airports in our region: Lakselv, Alta and Kirkenes in Norway and Ivalo in Finland.
If you have some extra days, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage to Hammerfest or Kirkenes is a relaxing, beautiful and highly recommended alternative to flying.

is the closest airport to Karasjok. You can get to Lakselv by SAS or Norwegian Air Shuttle. For tickets, please visit or or call SAS for a ticket reservation on phone (+ 47) 67586000.
Bus transport from Lakselv airport to Karasjok is one hour. Price - NOK 149. For more information about bus transport, please see the bus timetable (bus number 063) or ring phone (+47) 77020410. Taxi from Lakselv airport to Karasjokis also about one hour. Price - about NOK 1700 to NOK 2100. For taxi (or maxi taxi), contact Karasjok Taxi at or by phone (+47)78466506.

can be reached by SAS and Norwegian Air Shuttle.
Bus transport from Alta to Karasjok takes about four hours. Price - NOK 315. For more information about bus transport, please see the bus timetable (bus number 062 Alta to Olderfjort and number 063 Olderfjord to Karasjok) or ring (+47) 77020410 for information about bus transport in Finnmark.
Taxi from Alta to Karasjok takes about 2,5 to 3 hours. Price – NOK 4300 to NOK 4900. You can also ring (+47) 78466506 for taxi or contact for more information.

is close to the Russian border and may be reached by both Norwegian and SAS.
Bus from Kirkenes to Karasjok takes about 5.5 hours. Price NOK 315. From Kirkenes airport you first need to go to Kirkenes center and then take the bus to Karasjok. See the timetable for information about bus departures (bus number 066) and timetable (bus number 806).

is in Finland and may be reached by and norwegian Air Shutle (via Helsinki).
Bus from Ivalo to Karasjok takes about 2.5 hours. Price 30 €. From Ivalo airport you first need to go to Ivalo center and then take the bus to Karasjok. For more information about bus transport, see Eskelisen Lapin Linjat or ring +358-16-3422 160.
Taxi from Ivalo airport to Karasjok takes about two hours. Price - about NOK 2400 to NOK 2800. For taxis, contact or ring + 358 400 250 220.

You can travel to Hammerfest or Kirkenes on the Norwegian coastal voyage This will give you an opportunity to see the beautiful North Norway coast in a comfortable and relaxing way. Telephone number to the "Hurtigruten": (+47) 810 30 000.
Bus from Hammerfest to Karasjok is about four hours. Price NOK 315. For more information about bus transport, please see the timetable (bus number 063) or ring the bus company on phone (+47) 77020410.

From Karasjok to Engholm Husky Lodge
Our base at Engholm Husky Lodge is 6 kilometers west from Karasjok, along road 92. Transfer is available by taxi ring (+47) 78466506 (approx. NOK 250) or can be booked with us (NOK 200).

Rent a car
Some of our guests choose to rent a car when travelling in Finnmark.
AVIS has offices in Alta, Kirkenes, Lakselv, Karasjok and Ivalo.
"Rent a Wreck" has offices in Alta, Kirkenes and Lakselv.
Sixt has offices in Alta, Kirkenes, Lakselv and Ivalo.

Bookings/reservations must be done by a legal person over 18 years old. Bookings/reservations can be done by telephone or by e-mail. Reservations are valid for 7 days. The customers booking/reservation is considered confirmed by Turgleder when the customer receives a booking/reservation confirmation and an invoice. For activities with duration more than one day the customers booking is to be considered secure when a standard deposit of NOK 6.000/10.000 per person or the total sum is paid and registered to Turgleder's account.
Activities may have a booking deadline. These are mentioned in the activity schedule.

All activities must be paid in full before the activity starts.
All activities with duration more than one day must be paid in full within 60 days before the start of the activity, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Activities with duration less then one day can be paid on arrival or by bank prior to arrival. If bank payment is used a valid receipt must be presented on arrival. Other conditions apply for tour operators.

Bank info:
To: Turgleder as
Bank adr: DNB Bank ASA, N-0021 Oslo, Norway
IBAN: NO35 1503.25.80812

Private trips
If you don't wish to join a group tour on fix date - an option is to go on an private tour, alone, or with friends for an additional fee.  1 pers. + 200%.  2 pers. + 50%.  3 pers. + 30%.  4pers. + 20%. 5 pers. or more - same price as group tour on fix date.
Private tours are possible to carry out in addition to our regular program.

Insurance and safety
Turgleder is covered by liability insurance. Proper personal insurance is the customer's personal responsibility. We recommend that customers take out travel insurance and cancellation insurance. The customer is personally responsible for evaluating his/her physical and/or mental condition in relation to the contents of the relevant activity. Turgleder reserves the right to deny any customer's participation in activities if Turgleder, or person acting on behalf of Turgleder, consider it to be necessary for the safe and/or appropriate execution of the activity. When relevant, all participants must sign a waiver accepting personal responsibility for his/her participation in activities before the activity starts.

Cancellations by Turgleder
Turgleder reserves the right to cancel or change any activity if Turgleder consider it to be necessary. Activities can be changed or cancelled up to the time when the activity is supposed to start. Activities cancelled by Turgleder will be fully refunded.

Cancellations by the customer
Cancellation by the customer less than 60 days before the activity starts is considered as no-show and does not give right to any refund. Cancellation by the customer more than 60 days before the activity starts gives right to a refund of the full amount appart from the standard deposit (NOK 6.000/10.000 per person).
Should a participant withdraw from an activity or parts of a program/activity for any reason, no refund is granted.

Disclaimer of liability
The customer takes part in Turgleder activities:
- Knowing that this might involve risk of personal injuries. Turgleder will, unasked or on request, provide information about these risks and the possible consequences.
- Accepting that neither Turgleder nor any third party acting on behalf of Turgleder can be made responsible for any personal injury or damaged equipment sustained during the activity. This also includes transportation to and from the activity.
- Taking full personal responsibility for the consequences of for any known or unknown illnesses or health conditions that can cause any acute onsets/attacks.
- Only when not uninfluenced by alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
- Accepting that no third parties, hereunder family, can make any claims against Turgleder or any person acting on behalf of Turgleder on the customers behalf.
- Accepting that Turgleder holds liability insurance but does not hold accidents insurance. The customer therefore know that he/she are not insured by Turgleder in the case of any injury or damage to any equipment as a result of any situation he/she have caused or are responsible for.
- Accepting that claims towards Turgleder is regulated by Norwegian law and any legal proceedings must be directed to Turgleder’ court of domicile.