Summer visit by BNNVARA TV 2022

“The hippie” from Skåne chose the wilderness life in Finnmark. Gullaug Pless 2021

Expedition to the arcic sea (Dag Strass Mar. 2021)

Summer – dog holiday (Alta posten Trond Anton Andersen Sept 2020)

Normal “working day” for 2 and 4 legs in Engholm Husky team Mar. 2020 (Lasse Djernas)

Sven Engholm is interviewed about the history of the 1.200 km sled dog race “Finnmarkslopet” and its 40th anniversary. Feb 2020

Engolm Husky ” a different place ” Feb. 2019 Foto Jan Helmer Olsen.

Get inspired. Engholm husky design lodge 2019

Huskies, reindeer and Northern Lights – Engholm husky lodge Feb. 2019 (Mona Dienhart)

Filmmaker Axel Byrfors headed to Finnmark for his latest film. A portrait of his relative Sven. 2018

Article in the Green Adventure magazine Oct. 2017

Overveiw video from drone of Engholm husky lodge August 2017 (Fernando Tirolo Gomes)

“Organized” chaos and pure happiness before departure April 2016 (Liv Engholm)

TV interview with Sven about life with dogs and Handicraft 2015.

Engholm husky lodge, Taste of activities, summer and winter. 2015 (Jan Helmer Olsen)

Engholm Husky design lodge Jan 2014 (Céline Simon)

Roundtrip in Smaeland Feb 2013 (Helen Spencer)

Engholm’s Summer Husky camp video Aug 2013 (Liv Engholm)

Engholm HuskySafari April 2012 (DoroWeyler)

Husky safari Feb. 2012 (Birgitta Angusson)

“Hymn to the stillness” Easter 2012 (Bodil Anderson)

Husky safari Dec 2011 (Christian Lehman) 

Visual impressions from EngholmHusky design lodge March 2011 (Nicolies)

A dog mushers impression from Engholm Husky winter 2011 by dog handler James Caffin

Engholm fikk svi for politi-tabbe Okt 2010

Autumn sled dog training October 2010 first snow

Engholm Husky holiday week Feb 2010 (Geordie Wolf)

Adventure week Jan 2010 (Geoff Stevens)

Summer training. July 2009 (Engholm Husky)

Finnmarksvidda April 2009 (Ketil Waagbo)

Expedition to the  Arctic sea April 2009 (Mark Howel)

Engholm Husky holiday Feb 2009 (Sandy Lupu)

Expedition to the arctic sea March 2008 (Søren Lynggard)

Sami reindeer migration April 2008 (Liv Engholm)

Finnmark sled dog race with Sven 1991 (NRK)