Visit Engholm Husky farm

Engholm Husky farm visit:
guiding/demonstration and guided tour at Engholm Husky design lodge

(Groups only. Min 15 pers.)

We love to share the wonderful enthusiasm of the Alaskan Husky with your clients. Come to understand the special relationship between musher and dog. See arctic survival gear, sleds and racing equipment. Hear about working with the sled dogs. Visit the puppy-yard and linger with the friendly adult racing dogs. It is not required to be a passionate dog-lover to gain respect and admiration for these hard working dogs and their qualities. The guides spend time teaching those new to the sport.
Engholm's Husky Design Lodge is a different place, situated next to Karasjohka river, 6 km outside of Karasjok. The designed log houses here at the lodge are unique and have a special charm. Sven has made all the interior furnishing and decoration in order to create a unique and personal atmosphere in each house. We take the time to show the interior in some of the design cabins. Look at overview of the lodge in the summer or winter . At arrival we gather and has 10 - 15 min general info about Engholm Husky life, expeditions and long distance races. Both 2 and 4 legged members of Engholm Husky team. Then we take a tour and shows the interior of some design cabins, winter equipment and winter clothing, and ends in the dog yard with all friendly sled dogs and of course all the cute puppies - coming stars. When we go around so we divide the group into two teams for otherwise it is difficult to make contact with the guests who always come with many questions. When we come to the dog yard so are all together again. Then it is possible to wash hands.

We suggest you consider combining your visit with tasting some specialties. Served outdoors with campfire. Homemade juice/saft from fireweed, crowberry etc. + hot drinks + snacks as e.g. homemade smoked reindeer meat, smoked fish, dry fish, dry lamb meat, , etc. (depend of what we have available at time.) + Homemade cake.
Alternatively, lunch/dinner in Engholm Husky designed diningroom or in the "Barta"

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