Sled dog training

Extraordinary experience for the unique minded who relish the chance to learn new skills. Come to understand the special relationship between musher and dog. It involves participating in the sled dog training with ATV and / or trolley as a participant / passenger. If you wish, you can help out to put on and take off harness on the dogs. All dogs are allowed to run loose in the dogyard, both before and after the training run, to warm up before exercise and stretch muscles afterwards.

This is an interactive and inclusive activity that is very popular and everyone can participate in, both old and young. By the way, it is nice nature, on the trail along the river.

The activity is dependent on weather conditions and various circumstances. Usually, we are training the dogs on tour about 5 times a week. If too hot, or other circumstances that prevent the dogs from being trained, we will arrange another "husky fun". Anyhow - There will be plenty of time to meet our puppies and all the happy Engholm husky sled dogs.The guides spend time teaching those new to the sport. It is not required to be a passionate dog-lover to gain respect and admiration for these hard working dogs and their qualities.

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