Dear Sven, dear Team,
We are now back home in France and we wanted to thank you once again for the incredible time we had at your lodge.
Those few days are unforgettable and a “once in a lifetime” experience … into brackets as we are quite sure that we will try to come back in the future :)
Thanks to you all,
Delphine & Thomas
PS: a special thanks to Kenny who tried to help us with our car when we left! It was indeed a desperate attempt and we ended at the garage in Karasjok, and did the trip back to Alta in..the tow truck!
Thanks to you all, Delphine & Thomas. March 2024


Dear Sven.

May I once again take the opportunity to thank you for a truly special experience. This is exactly what I was looking for when I set about planning this trip. The remoteness and the beauty of the area is truly remarkable, and sledding in the silence of the Arctic wilderness is an experience I will never forget. The trip to Baeivasgiedde was a highlight for me, and I wish to say a special Thank You to you for making it happen. I was also most impressed with the close relationship you have forged with the Sami. They very clearly have a great deal of respect for you. In addition to the beauty and tranquility of the area, the reindeer experience is something I will always treasure. Having you accompany us on this part of the journey was also a real treat, as was listening to stories from the ‘grande master’ of the Alta to Alta race. Thank you. 

Your staff have been excellent, and the quality of the facility you have created at Engholm Lodge is truly remarkable. I have sent pictures to my family and they believe it is magical!  One can see that it is a labour of love. I plan to return with my family, and have already started the discussion about when we could do it. I will revert once I hear back from all of them. 

Give the very special dogs a hug for me, and keep up the good work. You have given us a really authentic experience of the Finnmark area. Look forward to speaking to you soon. 

Kind Regards. Trevor


Sven: i want to thank you and your wonderful staff for a great week at Engholm.  it was truly an exhilarating week, one that i will not soon forget.

Emma and Maria were fantastic guides, so very helpful and patient.  I particularly enjoyed the time we spent with you,  Your  stories were great.

our group was really lovely.  i enjoyed meeting and spending time with everyone. 

again, thanks for a great week.  more people from the states should come over to engholm [if really even want them]. i will spread the word as to what a great experience it is. 

best, mark


I just wanted to email to say thank you for one of the most amazing weeks of my life!  The husky adventure surpassed all my expectations- Mads and Mia were amazing guides- helpful, kind and talented.  The food was some of the best I have ever eaten and my cabin was delightful. 

I have had a pretty tough time recently and a visit to Engleholm was restorative for both mind and body - thank you.

I know that I will come back to visit.

Kind regards


Dearest Sven & Christel, all the wonderful hard-working staff, and all the happy huskies,

Thank you so much for making our dream come true. Engholm Husky Lodge is a truly magical place-from Sven’s incredible handicrafts and ingenious designs; to Christel’s delicious cooking and beautiful arctic outfits that kept us warm; the knowledgable, wonderful team who took us on the most incredible adventures; and of course the huskies for all the cuddles and sledding!!

You’ve created a very special place in beautiful part of our world, a place that’s created with a lot of love and respect for our wild and wondrous planet. Thank you.

Engholm Husky Lodge will always have a very special place in our hearts. 

See you next winter! ...we have caught the spirit!

With love
Mark & Claire


Dear Sven, Crystel and the rest of the team. I wanted to write and thank you for enabling me to have such an incredible week out in the wilderness with your husky dogs. It has always been a dream of mine to go husky sledding, but I just didn't fancy the trips I've seen advertised = those for families and mass tourism, where you wear a blue all in one boiler-suit and don't really have a chance to be involved with the dogs. It took me a long time to find your lodge, and I am so so happy that I did.

For me, the trip was everything I ever hoped for and a whole lot more. The way you look after your dogs, and enjoy interacting with them was a real joy for me to see, and I guess I didn't expect. I've worked with a wide range of "working animals", from donkeys to camels - and they are usually not treated that well, but more as beings with a purpose. Learning about the handling and husbandry of huskies was fascinating for me, coming from a veterinary point of view - and so completely different from the dogs I work with day in and day out in South London, who have barely any instinct left in them at all, and are pampered to the point of being stifled!

The care and love you put into everything was infectious - from your stunning cabins, to the super friendly dogs, your obvious love of the white wilderness and even the food you provided - it was all amazing and I can't stop dreaming about coming back there one day.

Thank you so much for making it so special for me.

Yours Helen Spencer


Hi Sven, Christel and the team

We have to say our stay with you was an amazing experience in all aspects; We have some fantastic memories and will be telling everyone we meet over the coming months about Engholm Husky Lodge. You are truly wonderful people and a great team. We will upload some photos later and I will send you some of those with the 'sunset'. Wendy is already looking at dates when we may visit again.

Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful holiday and hope all remains well with you.

Best wishes Lawrence & Wendy


Dear Christel and Sven,

I like to thank you for your hospitality and all your efforts you are doing in order to maintain the lodge and to continue your philosophy. It always grounds me when I have the chance to stay in the nature, this time doing it with your Huskies was a wonderful experience for me which I don’t want to miss anymore.

Wishing you all the best for the future

Michael Andrae
Hilden, Germany

P.S.: Let’s continue travelling as Mark Twain already said:
Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.


Sven, Crystal, Tom and Jana,

Thank you so much for the most amazing holiday and experience ever. We absolutely loved staying with you and being a part of your amazing world. We already miss it as we swelter here in 41 degrees celcius. We only survive here because of the amazing ocean!!!! Oh yes, Jitana and I did finally see the Northern Lights which was really magical – they came out and danced across the sky on the stroke of midnight Christmas!!!

Love and cheers,

Julia and JItana xxx


Christal / Sven,

I was on your 3 day husky safari 2nd - 6th Feb. It was an experience to remember and I wish to thank you and your staff for making me feel so welcome and for your kindness. I believe you have an unique and most professional organisation and I have no difficulties in recommending you to any of my friends - in fact I'm telling them to look at your website.

Once again tusen takk



I want to say that there was the most beautiful place in the whole holiday. I am not one of those people who love the exclusive and expensive hotels with TV and Fitness Room. I love the nature and the contrast to my life at home, and I found this contrast in your Lodge. I enjoyed every hour so much and I was looking for every details in my room, it was absolutely impressive for me.

I love such quiet and peaceful places like yours, so maybe I can arrange something for the next winter to make a tour with you and of course with the dogs. It sounds very interesting for me.

I wish you all the best and maybe see you again,



Dear Sven, Christel, Tomas, James and the dogs

I would like to say thank you for a wonderful time I have had during my stay at your lodge and during the safari. It is really a unique and wonderfull place.I have loved the safari, the experience of silence, great nature,the cold and I think I have seen what is really important in life.

Thanks to Christel. She is a very good guide and really nice. I felt safe at any time and liked her cooking. By the way please send the recipe for the sweet and saur herring.

You are a great team. Thanks to the dogs as well. They did a great job and each one is really a character.

Greetings to everyone and the dogs



Dear Sven,

Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality during our recent visit to Karasjok for the article we are writing on northern Norway for Lonely Planet Magazine. Of all the activities we did while in Norway, our husky expedition was my favourite.

Warmest regards
Anthony Ham


Dear Sven and Thomas

My wife and I was fortunate enough to visit your place about three weeks ago for 2 nights. It was one of the most memorable experiences that we have had over the last number of years. We have travelled many times in our lives and to far places. This time the tour was to “Lapland under the midnight sun” and we ended up at your place.
Thomas and the two girls were there and they treated us extremely nicely and we really enjoyed it. You could hardly have done any better yourself. We stayed in BIIGA and it was a lovely bungalow!!
We are real ambassadors for your place and will recommend it to anybody who should enquire about it. Thanks again and all success in the future.

Guillaume and Truida Oberholzer

Kleinmond South Africa.


Dear Sven, Casper, Malin and Crystal,

I have just arrived in Hammerfest, having spent two nights at Engholm Husky and wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed my visit and meeting Casper, Crystal and Malin. My cabin, Latnya, was just beautiful, and the hospitality at mealtimes was lovely. I felt more like a family friend than a tourist, and that made it infinitely more enjoyable.
I had a wonderful time on my husky day trip and Casper was a great guide and terrific campfire company. Thanks Casper!
I really enjoyed being able to interact with your amazing dogs, and even though I didn't get to go out overnight, I still got to feed the dogs and walk the puppies and feel like a part of it all.
This has been an incredibly different, exciting experience and one I will always treasure, so a big thank you to you all!
Best regards,

(Lynette Lingard)


Sven, Caspar, Crystal, Maline.

You guys were the greatest, I did not know what to expect, was ready for anything, on every level you exceeded expectations.

Sven, as a leader you made me feel confident and ready for anything and I particularly appreciated being so involved in every aspect of our adventure from feeding the dogs to finding firewood.

Caspar, your enthusiasm and competence were terrific, best of luck in all you ever do, hope you enjoy showing off your new hat with the light in the bill.

Crystal, your spirit is bright and your attitude is so warm and open, read the Clan of the Cave Bear and imagine yourself as Ayla.
Maline, thanks for the book recomendation, Winterdance, it was perfect to read of the Ititerod while sitting in the cabin at the end of a day sledding.

All the best to all of you, if any are ever in the Chicago area, e-mail, my bride and I will act as your tour guides.

Bob Paglis Ottawa, IL USA


Dear Sven, Malin & Christel,

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. Malin you are a terrific guide and a very sweet young woman, thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work (and dont forget to kiss Harald for me!). Sven the cabins you have created are marvellous, you are a very creative & skilled individual and I thank you for making our stay feel like something from a fantasy dream. We would like to most importantly thank the dogs! They are remarkable animals and we love them. We truly had a wonderful time and again thank you to all at the Engholm Husky Team for being so welcoming, loving and caring to us. If this email goes on the site and there are any people out there reading this and considering a trip DO NOT HESITATE, book now and go, I promise you will not regret it. We hope to see you all again and are already planning another trip as we now love Norway. The photographs of our stay will be in the post to you soon.

Take care Lots of Love Deniz & Murat (London, UK)


Dear Sven,
Simone and I enjoyed being with you tremendously. It was an experience that changed our attitude towards dogs and their stamina as well as your hospitality. We fell in love with your place, its style and the calm and relaxed atmosphere of your place. Many thanks for that.

The aforementioned actually leads us to ask for something we already discussed with you. We would like to experience yet another, but more extreme adventure with you.


Sven and Kristel, thank you for a fantastic holiday. You made us feel so welcome and catered for every need, no matter what time or whatever the request. You shall remain in our memories for ever more, we WILL be back to visit you again!
All the best for '09
Lots of love
Dave and Christine


To everyone at Engholm Husky

We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to have one of the most memorable holiday experinces of our lives. Both Crystel and Fanny worked endlessly to make our visit special. and words cannot describe how happy we were working with such wonderful husky dogs.We will never forget our wonderful experience in Finnmark with our own dog teams.
Owen and Debbie


Hi Sven
We all enjoyed ourselves enormously and you will be pleased to hear that Mike Richard and I will be saving up to do another trip as soon as possible.

Regards to Crystal and Fanny

Nigel McMillan


Regarding Sled dog adventure. Just to say that we had a fantastic time. I've been to a lot of places around the world, India, Africa, South America and Australia. I've done alot of things but not much compares to riding on a sled behind a team of splendid Husky dogs accross the beautiful Finmark Vidda. Thanks for everything. Myself and Alma are already planning our next trip to your place.
All The Best


Dear Sven,

It's been a while since we got back and I should have sent this sooner. I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful trip. It lived up to some high expectations and ones which Fi and I had held for quite some time. You have created an amazing place there in Karasjok and hopefully we can make it back before too long.It has onyl finally started getting warmer here in the last week although I guess London warm and Karasjok are all relative!

Regards Charlie and Fi
PS I hope you are looking after Renge, Fenderik, Knut and Wenke as Fi would want you too (i.e. extra meat every night)!


BIG THANK YOU to all of you at Engholm Husky for the fantastic time we had with you. The memories will be with me forever, but I will have another trip in the future with you.
Being out with the dogs, the involvement in the enclosure in the morning, preparing the food and looking after our dogs while on the tour made the whole trip a fuller experience, and being out in the elements, on the plateau was just out of this world!!

Love Gaynor Lewis Wales


A Very Big Thank You
Sven - I would like to thank you and Crystal and the rest of the team for making my trip one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking experiences of my life. The hospitality shown to me was fantastic.
Britain seems a very un-interesting place after spending a week with you and the dogs.
I am thinking about how and when I can make a return trip.
Thank you once more
Edward Pinches


Sven Bodil Crystal Jerry and Ben
aaaaaaaaaaaaah i miss your Norway - it was such an amazing trip and you made it all possible
THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH - you were absolute super stars. - amazing people - everyone - you are just fantastic.

so much warm love Cat, John and the girls xxxxxxxxxxx


I had a wonderful time at Engholm Husky, and I am head over heels in love with those wonderful puppy dogs. I will never forget their enthusiasm and strength. Those beautiful cabins and all of you wonderful people made the trip very special. It is an experience that I will put a smile on my face when I am sitting in my rocking chair.

Margerie Linton OZ Austraila


Thank you very much for the tour. I really enjoyed it all -seeing the scenery of the far north, being part of the group, the skiing, the Northern Lights, visiting Anders Somby and having my luggage carried for me on the dog sled. And the food was fantastic... So, altogether a great holiday.

I will have to make sure I learn more Norwegian before I come again!

Yours Fergus USA


Lieber Sven und Budil,

schon sind 2 Monate vergangen und wir träumen oft noch von diesem einmaligen Erlebnis bei Euch in Lappland und möchten uns nochmals herzlich bedanken.

Liebe Grüsse auch an Finn und Cristel unsere Begleiter, die Fotos werden bald eintreffen.

Herzliche Grüsse von Barbara, Jöerg, Bobi, Rolf und Irene

Mit freundlichen Grüssen


Hei Sven

du kan neppe tro hvor begeistret alle vi fem var efter denne enestaaende turen hos deg med Finn og Kristel som guider. Bobi har enda noen fotografier han gjerne ville sende. Vi treffes torsdag og jeg tror Barbara vil laane meg en sommer for dolmetscher i finnmarken, saa vi sees sikkert igjen för eller senere. Hils alle sammen og isaer hundene vi hadde det saa trivelig med.

Rolf og Irène


Dear Sven,

Thank you to both, you and Bodil for such an enjoyable and memorable holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will hopefully return one day. It was fun from start to finish.

Regards Giles


Hi Sven and Bodil,

Just a quick note to say thank you very very much for a great trip. It's always very difficult to leave your place, but I'm glad that we managed to stay an extra day and night in the end. Coming back to London is always quite shocking! But there was a tiny little covering of snow in the UK, so it wasn't quite as bad as usual!
The ice hotel was definately an experience! It was great sitting in the ice bar sipping vodka out of ice glasses! And you're right, we weren't cold during the night at all.
Anyway, I will have great memories of your place for a long time and hopefully will see you again... maybe in a couple of years?
Good luck to you both with everything, and I'm sending huge hugs to all the dogs and horses!

Best regards,

Jackie UK


We have had the most fantastic time and couldn't fault anything with the trip from start to finish. Sven and Bodil were lovely people and very knowledgeable - they really made the trip one to remember. We were very impressed with their concern for the well-being of the dogs. It is always a concern of ours when taking a trip which uses animals, that they are well treated and well fed. We needn't have worried, the dogs were very happy - probably on account of the size of the salmon fillets they were given! There is only one problem - we are now addicted to dog sledding and will definitely be doing it again, hopefully next year!

Dorothy Haunch

We want to thank you again for your efforts to make our stay a success. The way you two do your work, with so much enthusiasm and dedication, made us feel really welcome.

Anton Wouters & Marjolijn Brouwer

Hope to see you again in 2005!

We loved our holiday with you. It really is another world to the one I am in at the moment. Your hospitality was just great, and the wilderness safari was a trip that will stay with me for a long time. Needless to say I am saving to visit again, as soon as possible I hope, if you'll have me.

Lindsay Kirby


Dear Sven, Bodil & All,
Just a quick message to say thank you for a great holiday. I had a fantastic time and have recommended you to all my friends. I might have even talked my girlfriend into coming next time (and she doesn't even like dogs or snow!).
Best wishes for the new year. I hope everything goes well for you - you deserve it. Hopefully I'll be back in Karasjok in the not-too-distant-future.
Best wishes - Steve Bond

Jeg og min kone vil gerne takke dig for 2 fantastiske dage sommeren 2002. Det var højdepunktet på vores ferie til Norge. Håber vi engang får lejlighed til at besøge dig igen.

Mange hilsner fra Else og Niels Nørgaard Danmark.


Dear Sven,
Allison and I had a fantastic trip. Your cabins are beautiful, and the dogs...well, I already love dogs, but this makes them even more fantastic. Your lodge was our favourite place that we visited in Norway. I'm thinking I'll be back next year for a longer dog trip!
Give our regards to Fin, who was an excellent guide. Take good care!

Best regards, Emily Marcus


Dear Sven, Bodil, Finn and Cristel....

I have spent the last 2 days back at home trying to explain to my friends and family how amazing my stay with u guys was, but I cant seem to emphasise exactly the impact its had upon me. I was completely overwhelmed by the graciousness and kindness of you all, and so welcoming too.

There was so many parts that made our trip so special-- but specifically-- the huskies, the northern lights, the gorgeous food, the enchanting serene landscape, the 'cabin olympics'!, lessons in Birch, the snow, the decor in Svens' cabins, and best of all the ride, sledding down a track that felt like a toboggan run, falling off and on, getting dragged along-- it was all brilliant.

Finn and Cristel were so patient and helpful, and their calmness made us feel very relaxed and comfortable. And the dogs, they were so crazy and lovely, and so strong!

And although we didn't see them on the trip- we saw many reindeer and even an elk on our journey to and from Svens Lodge- so our Norway encounter felt very complete.

Thank you so much, you have a truly special lifestyle that I feel very privileged to have experienced.

Poppy Kay, UK.


hallo bodil, hallo sven, hallo finn, hallo christel, hallo kim,

ohhh, i just wanted to thank you all for looking after us in such a beautiful way, and showing us such a good time and a diffrent way of life. and like i knew it.......i am missing the dogs so much.......... and my eyes are missing the soothing white of the snow and the mountains and the trees.........

all our love, nora and franny.x UK

I don't know if you remember us, the 5 swiss guys spending a week with you and all the dogs, dogsledding around Finmark last march. But be sure that we remember you and we'll never forget this trip! (and we're still laughing about the "oy-oy-bird joke that you told us in Engholm's sauna...).

The beautiful landscapes, the lovely dogs, your fine cooking, and hundreds of other magnificent memories make us forget that we almost died by the lack of beer! Anyway, next time, we'll just bring the beer by ourselves!

( Lukas, Bruno, Elmar, Marc and Alain)


Dear Sven, Bodil, Finn and Cristale,

We wanted to thank you for a fabulous holiday. It surpassed our expectations. Your animals are fantastic and a real credit to you. Please pass on our particular thanks to Finn who took great care of us and made the trip very special.

Love from Valerie and Morris xxx


Dear Sven

I spent the best winter in my life with you and I’m very thankful for that. Strong feelings and memories last for along time. I still feel a strong connection to you, the dogs and your place. I hope I will be lucky enough to visit your part of the world again and experience some more special time with you.

I wish you a good winter and a beautiful year. Send my love to the dogs and to Bodil

Kischi Daniel from Israel